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New partner - Agrolaguna

Mar 10, 2021

In accordance with our commitment to always offer our customers something new and excellent quality, we have acquired in our portfolio and a new partner the company Agrolaguna with their top hard cheeses Špin. The company Agrolaguna has long been known in our market for excellent wines and olive oil, and now with Spin cheeses.

Istrian Špin cheeses bear the unique signature of the Istrian country, taking the best of the Istrian climate. Istrian pastures where our cows and sheep feed take the best of the proximity of the Adriatic Sea which provides sun, salt and intoxicating scents of Istrian grasses, but also the rivers Mirna and Učka which bring frequent rains and freshness of the continent. There is almost no stone here, just untouched land without any industry in the area. The plant diversity of pastures and the unique micro-location provide ideal conditions for dairy farming.

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