Among the leading European and global companies in the production of dairy products with special focus on the milk drinks, cream, desserts, fruit and plain yogurts. With factories and offices throughout Europe, FrieslandCampina carefully monitors and sets new trends in the dairy industry. Plays an important role in a healthy diet of millions of people on daily basis. In addition to consumer goods, Friesland Campina supplies professional users, other segments of the food industry and pharmaceutical industries. Continuous investments in growth and development, a broad network ofcooperating farmers and 130 years of industry experience providing high quality products in continuity while respecting the environment and local community.


Dairy group that belongs to the very top of the European and world dairy industry, formed by the merger of Humana dairy industry and Nordmilch. DMK means 6.7 billion liters of milk, which comes from the 11,000 farmers that are processed in 23 factories that employ 5,500 workers. All this with a turnover of 4 billion Euros makes DMK one of the largest European dairy industry and the largest dairy industry in Germany. Portfolio includes products from basic dairy products and cheese, high quality curd, dessert, baby food, ice cream to specific products. With the continued responsibility to the owners, contractors, employees, and clients and customers, there is a great responsibility towards the environment from where the raw materials are taken for the group's products.


Cheese Specialist . Manufacturer with an emphasis on high quality and differentiation, offering various types of specialty cheeses such as smoked sausage, cheese, spreads, sliced cheeses, and various others. What makes this l manufacturers exceptional are melted cheese in various shapes and exclusive packaging. Jermi name stands for innovative and high quality products with the aim of improving of healthy diet. The focus is always on themanufacturer's customers and customers. All of the above guarantees true pleasure for gourmets.


"The love for cheese," says the slogan of this successful family dairies that has a 100 year tradition in the production of cheese and specialty cheese. Processing the 250.000 liters of fresh milk each day, 500 associate of company Alpenhain produces superior products ensuring you always get the best of nature.


With 130 years of tradition, Bauer is now one of the leaders in the production of fruit yogurt and cheese with more than 300 fresh produce and more than 30 kinds of cheese. Production takes place in the town of Wasserburg where Bauer , using modern technology while respecting the traditional provides innovative products of excellent quality.


Omir processes 900 million kilos of milk each year at its three locations Ravensburg, Rottweil and Neuburg. The milk is supplied by 4500 farmers after which it continues to be processed by the 500 workers with the help of modern technology into high quality range of dairy products. In its focus, Omira has focus on high quality and unique assortment of dairy products. Particularly interesting are the dairy desserts and MinusL products.

Gastro Merak

Original, registered trademark with product range including meat products based on beef as well as turkey and chicken meat, guaranteed without the components of pork origin.

Name and visuality of the products has its own roots in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina while recipes of products are defined with respect for authentic traditions both in the production and consumation sense.

When defining the structure and range of products special attention has ben given to raw materials and production procedures. For this task are incharged top producers who follow sever requirements of standards such as ISOO, HACCP and HALAL upon request.

Gastro Merak in its focus is exclusively quality oriented and is oriented according to the consumer group which enjoy the maximum pleasure of eating.